Terms and Conditions for Selling

1.             The person or persons selling the Registration Number (The Donor) permit Global Registrations to advertise and sell the transfer right of the Registration Number on their behalf.  Global Registrations will handle all the paperwork involved in the transfer.  This will all be done free of charge providing the Donor complies with the obligations set out in these Terms and Conditions. 

2.             The Net Payment, which is shown in your quotation, is the net amount that Global Registrations will pay the Donor (unless a further reduction is agreed).

 3.             The Payment as agreed, shall be made by Global Registrations, to the Donor upon receipt and satisfactory checking of a full clear copy of the new Registration Certificate (V5C) issued to the Donor by DVLA Swansea bearing the replacement Registration Number.  This is to show the transfer has been completed.

 4.             No liability can be accepted for losses howsoever caused or for delays caused through the slow arrival of documents from the Buyer or the failure in the Buyer completing the transaction.

 5.             The Donor is required to supply all required documents by return post when requested, and inform Global Registrations immediately of any delay.

 6.             The Donor agrees to make his/her vehicle available for inspection by the DVLA, in the rare occasions that this should this be requested.

 7.             The Donor vehicle must be Taxed or if the vehicle is not taxed, we can still complete the process without renewing the tax, only if you have made a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). There must be no break between the date a tax disc runs out and the start of the SORN. The vehicle tax should have run out (not refunded) no more than 5 years before the date of the submission of an application to the DVLA. There must be no breaks where the vehicle was not Taxed or SORN not declared. If you have any doubts you must inform us.

 8.             Global Registrations can give no guarantee as to the time period required to find a buyer or for the DVLA to complete the transfer, as both are beyond our control.  Neither can Global Registrations accept any liability for any changes to the DVLA transfer rules.

 9.             The Donor agrees to notify Global Registrations immediately in writing if he/she wishes to withdraw the Registration from advertising, or if the Donor disposes of the vehicle, or the Registration Number cannot be transferred for any reason.

 Issue 16.4.15